TXI2900 - Managing Hitachi Performance Analytics

This 3 day course provides an overview of the Hitachi Performance Analytics, consisting of Hitachi Data Center Analytics (HDCA) and Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA). The course focuses on the unique features of both. HDCA provides data center managers with useful insights about their technology infrastructure using sophisticated analytics.

The course shows how to use various secure industry-standard methods to collect data from the target devices in the infrastructure. The course describes how HDCA processes the data at regular intervals and uses the various built-in reports to provide analytics.

The course explains how HIAA is used to measure, monitor, and optimize the performance of your infrastructure resources.

The course demonstrates the HIAA Dashboard and how system administrators can easily understand and check all statuses with a single screen, easily detecting issues in their systems. The course also shows how to verify and analyze bottlenecks using the Sparkline view.

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