TSI2790 - Administration of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Gx00 With NAS Modules

This 3 day course provides an overview of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Gx00* with NAS Modules systems including an introduction to its architecture. It will cover the basic administration and provisioning tasks using Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA) and Hitachi Command Suite (HCS). These tasks include storage setup and configuration (onboarding and discovering storage), creating parity groups, pools, volumes and LUNs (provisioning volumes to the host), and managing virtual file servers, file systems and file shares. The course also explains licensing options and managing and monitoring

Hands-on lab activities enable you to gain practical knowledge and experience on administering and provisioning VSP Gx00 with NAS modules using HSA.

Important: In this course, Hitachi VSP Gx00 refers only to VSP G400, VSP G600 and VSP G800 storage systems.

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