TSI0355 - Mainframe Replication Fundamentals

This course covers mainframe Hitachi ShadowImage™ Heterogeneous In-System Replication software bundle and Hitachi TrueCopy™ Heterogenous Remote Replication software bundle operations.

This course provides a detailed review of replication fundamentals and key tasks necessary to implement in-system and remote replication for Hitachi TagmaStore® Universal Storage Platform, Hitachi TagmaStore® Network Storage Controller and Hitachi Lightning 9900™ V Series enterprise storage systems in a mainframe environment.

Learners are introduced to the Hitachi replication software - ShadowImage In-System Replication bundle, TrueCopy Remote Replication bundle, Hitachi Cross-System Copy software, and Hitachi Compatible Mirroring software for IBM® FlashCopy® followed by details on software specifications and operations.

It is aimed at setting up non-disruptive high-speed data replication and disaster recovery solutions. Emphasis is placed on configuration planning, setup, and performance. The learners will also be able to describe corrective actions by troubleshooting the given case scenarios.

The course also covers wide area network (WAN) configurations, deployment considerations and WAN integration features.

The classroom sessions are supported by lab exercises where the participants will learn to install, configure and implement replication software running on specific Hitachi Data Systems storage platforms.