TSE1870 - Hitachi Data Systems Enterprise Virtualization

This five session (four hours each) virtual instructor-led course provides detailed information on how to configure software utilities on the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ V and Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM. It familiarizes the learner with the technology and terminology of Hitachi performance and virtualization and the key supporting software utilities such as Hitachi Performance Manager Software, Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager software, Hitachi Universal Volume Manager software, Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager software, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software, and Hitachi ShadowImage&trade Heterogeneous Replication software.

The learner will complete numerous hands-on lab activities designed to build the skills necessary to install and operated the key software utilities presented during the course. It provides an opportunity to work with UNIX and Microsoft® Windows® systems integrated with Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ V and Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ VM.

This course is part of a two part training package. The package consists of this course, TSE1870 and TSE1869 - Hitachi Data Systems Enterprise Resource Manager Fundamentals. We recommend for the best learning opportunity both courses should be taken, TSE1869 first and then TSE1870. This virtual instructor-led package is identical to the instructor led (ILT) course TSI1315 Hitachi Enterprise Software Solutions. You have the option of taking either the vILT or ILT, but you should not take both.