THI2452 - Configuring and Managing the Hitachi Compute Blade 500

This 3 day course provides a detailed overview of the architecture, key components, and product documentation of Hitachi Compute Blade 500 (CB 500) and Hitachi Compute Blade 2500 (CB 2500).

You will learn how to use Hitachi Compute Systems Manager (HCSM) and access system consoles for system management, monitoring and maintenance. This course also will provide you information on the system network configuration and the supported operating systems.

In addition, you will gain knowledge about the Hitachi logical partitioning (LPAR) features and learn how to configure and operate LPAR and N+M Cold Standby Plug-in for Hitachi Compute Systems Manager. You will also learn specific troubleshooting techniques for CB 500 and CB 2500 systems.

This course includes numerous hands-on lab activities designed to build the skills necessary to manage CB 500 and CB 2500.

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