TCI2956 - Administering Hitachi UCP 4000 for VMware With UCP Director

This 3 day course provides administration level training on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) 4000 for VMware using Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Director for administrator and global system integrators. You will also learn to use the features and functions of UCP Director software.

The course demonstrates how to perform day-to-day administration of UCP. This includes initial activities such as image preparation and host deployment, and also covers the tasks needed to support growth and updates. You will learn the benefits of relying upon UCP automation to deploy and maintain the infrastructure.

You will complete extensive, hands-on lab activities designed to reinforce the concepts presented during the course to build necessary UCP skills. In some exercises, you will log into the storage and the switches to investigate the configurations that UCP has automated.

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