TCI2910 - Managing Hitachi VSP Gx00/VSP Fx00 With NAS Modules and HNAS 4000 Series Systems

This 5 day course provides an introduction to the operation and administration for the Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) models 4xx0 and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Fx00/VSP Gx00 with NAS modules.

The course also covers clustering, network environments, Hitachi Enterprise Virtual Server (EVS) for NAS, file systems, authentication, file sharing, and data protection.

Lab activities are included to provide hands-on practice with operation and administration tasks. In addition, you will get an opportunity to follow the process for creating an EVS with associated file system, join Microsoft® Active Directory® services, and create CIFS shares and NFS exports.

*Note: In this course, Hitachi VSP Gx00 refers only to VSP G400, VSP G600 and VSP G800 storage systems.

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