TCI2035 - Hitachi NAS Platform Installation and Maintenance

This 4 day instructor-led course provides detailed procedures for installation and maintenance of the Hitachi NAS Platform. It will focus on the aspects of the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform models 3100 and 3200 as well as Hitachi NAS Platform models 3080 and 3090, which focuses mostly on the installation and service needs. There are extensive hands-on lab sessions to acquaint the learner with both the equipment and function of the Hitachi NAS Platform.

Learners will gain experience doing the physical wiring to the private and public Ethernet infrastructure, connect the back end Fibre Channel (FC) cables correctly using Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and over FC SAN attached storage configuration scenarios.

This is followed up by an initial installation of the systems.
Common maintenance tasks like physical replacement of a Field Replaceable Units, and executing firmware upgrade on all Hitachi NAS Platform modules will be covered in the hands-on lab sessions.